It was a pleasure to work with Shabnam at McClatchy, where she served as an invaluable E-commerce Analyst. Shabnam demonstrated exceptional skills in assimilating complex data from third-party sources, utilizing the Amplitude platform with a high level of proficiency. Her ability to conduct comprehensive data analysis and produce insightful reports was paramount in our understanding of consumer behavior. This, in turn, significantly contributed to the strategic initiatives that drove our sales performance. Shabnam's dedication, analytical prowess, and keen insights were not just impressive; they were integral to the success of our e-commerce team. I highly recommend her for any role seeking to leverage her exceptional analytical skills and strategic thinking.
Shabnam possesses a unique blend of analytical prowess and strategic thinking. Her ability to dissect complex data sets and extract meaningful insights is truly exceptional. She has consistently demonstrated her proficiency in using Google Analytics, leveraging its advanced features to provide actionable recommendations that have driven significant improvements in our projects.
Shabnam has done Dove and Lipton social media projects for us. She is always attentive to what her customer wants and needs. Many times she has guided us in making decisions about our online strategies and is always available to help. She is professional, organized, accountable, reliable, and very easy to work with.
Shabnam is a highly talented and creative professional with a variety of skills. She has a strong technical background in Server Administration and IT-related topics, while at the same time, she understands the business dynamics of a startup and can bring in creativity and support. We found her to be extrem valueable in research-based activities. Her verbal and written farsi is superb, just like her english. Working with Shabnam is a pleasant and fruitful experience and we can strongly recommend getting her involved.
Shabnam has a great deal in research and high commitment
Shabnam has been a pleasure to work with on several data analytics client projects, and she would be an asset for any data team. I’ve enjoyed having her as part of our team!
Shabnam and I worked together on a project. She consistently gave 100% effort to the team and played a significant role in ensuring that we completed assignments on time.
I had the pleasure of working with Shabnam for over 6 months at the FKA, collaborating on several project teams. I was particularly impressed by Shabnam’s ability to handle multiple reporting projects effortlessly. Shabnam would be an asset to any team.
Shabnam has been working with CLEAR brand team since the beginning of 2016. She is in charge of social media management and is directly working with me. During this time, I have found her so supportive and cooperative. She always tries her best to satisfy her client and is so quick in coming up with solutions. I would recommend her for any team that is looking for a great creative team-mate.
Shabnam demonstrated a remarkable knack for understanding and implementing marketing analytics, segmentation and targeting. When faced with challenges, she asked questions and found workarounds. Very easy to work with and quick to grasp new concepts and translate them into actions
Ingenious is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Shabnam. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Shabnam for 2 years. She is clever, accurate, hardworking and also cute. she has an international character.
I met Shabnam at the time that I needed to increase my company’s online presence and to increase leads. She first explained the importance and availability of different tools available to me. She then came up with an effective strategy to meet my goals within a defined framework, timeline, and budget. Her plan included redesigning my website, tracking website traffic and activities, creating analytical reports, running competitors’ analysis, running AdWords campaign and Google tag management, to name a few. She accomplished all her tasks on time and on budget. I could not have been happier to work with her.
Shabnam was a tremendous colleague and an asset to our team at TJ/BINA JV. Besides technical strengths, her warm personality combined with good coaching skills had made her invaluable in supporting our operations. I would like to recommend her as an outstanding IT professional.
It was a pleasure of working with Shabnam for the past 2 years . During this time, we worked together on multiple projects related to Digital marketing. Shabnam is a person with a strong ownership and driving for results all the time. She sees and can address everything from the big picture to the details. Shabnam is energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great digital marketing skills. She is an asset to any company that she’s with.
Shabnam was great to work with. She's detail-oriented and driven. She's got great ideas that she actively tests and executes on. It was a pleasure working with her and I was very impressed with the quality of work she delivered.